INTRODUCING THE HAWKEYE BY OMEGA SIGHTS… Day/Night Vision, Rangefinder, HD Video Camera with Livestream Companion-Sharing WIFI

The FIRST sight that integrates all necessities of ranging and shooting – plus video – into one unit.

OMEGA is the newest and most-innovative sight on the market.
OMEGA integrates a sight and range finder with a camera lens. The hunter is able to more accurately aim with this all-in-one technology, making shots more humane and successful. A perfect alignment for every shot. Omega projects the targeted image onto an LCD screen for viewing and recording. OMEGA fits ANY shooting device that will accept a scope.

omega specs

  • Realtime ranging UP TO 600 YARDS
  • Works on most RIGHT and LEFT hand bows
  • Works with most BOWS, RIFLES and PISTOLS
  • Continuous REMOTE OPERATION while shooting
  • Sight picture projected onto an LCD SCREEN
  • LIGHTWEIGHT aluminum body 12.5 ounces
  • Actual screen size – 1 1/2″ X 2″
  • 1 YEAR LIMITED Manufacturers Warranty
  • Excellent learning tool for young shooters
Introducing the Omega

Easily mounts on top of most Crossbows.

Easily mounts on pistols that have a picatinny rail system.

Fits on any shotgun or rifle that has a picatinny rail system.

Our universal bracket fits most every bow.